Thursday, April 30, 2009

PC & District Historical Society

Photo: Pat Lagarde
The Pincher Creek and District Historical Society had it's annual General Meeting last week.
We had a review of the last year's finances and activities, and discussed the future of our past as well.  Board elections were held.
Pictured above, Left to right, front row:
Carol Berridge (Vice President), Colleen Cyr (President), Tracy Glen (Manager), Chris Davis (First Impressions), Jim Berridge (Board member)
Left to right, rear row:
Toni Lucas (Events),  Jack Kunst (Board member/war room), Francis Cyr (Board member), Farley "I am not a crook" Wuth (Curator)
photos/graphics: C.Davis
The PC and District Historical Society manages the Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village (KBPV) and the Tourism Information Centre in downtown Pincher Creek.
We face a number of challenges this year, including doing more with less funding.  
Renovations to the Beere Hall are almost complete, with a new wood floor being built in what will be our General Store display room and our "Echo" chamber.
This year will see KBPV put on an astounding number of events.  See the calendar on the sidebar for more information about them.  
The annexation of the trailer park is complete, now the real work begins.  Trees are being planted, and our community garden has sold out in record time, so we are building some more plots.
Plans for Canada Day are underway, contact Toni about this and other events.
Harvest Festival was a big success last year, and promises to be an even bigger event this year.
We will be having a Farmer's Market every Friday through the summer months, July 3 on.
There will be a Gallery Showcase of Gordon Crighton's photographs.
There will be artists in residence over the summer.
The sleepover program is also a big hit, with several classes booked to spend a few days camped out here on the grounds.
I could go on and on, and I suspect I will.
Stay tuned, and we hope to see you here this summer.