Friday, May 8, 2009

Road Trip '09

Your fearless blogger just returned from a 4 day jaunt to Edmonton, where I attended a tourism conference put on by Travel Alberta. I and my fellow travel counsellors heard presentations from about 100 representatives from various tourism related businesses, agencies, and facilities from all over Alberta. We also spent a day (well, two half days) learning more about our jobs from experts in the field.
The theme this year was "Road Trip '09"
We are definitely emphasizing local staycations in Alberta this tourism season. In worrisome economic times, it makes sense to see the hidden world outside your own backdoor. Take an Alberta break, get yer motor running, and don't forget the eclectic Pincher Creek area in your travels.

The fine sponsors fed us well, and then fed us again, and then gave us snacks to fill in the edges. It was truly an impressive demonstration of organizational abilities. I would estimate that there was somewhere in the vicinity of a thousand people in attendance.
I personally learned many things about Alberta that I never knew in my 25 or so years of living here. What a vibrant place we live in.
Some of the things I learned will show up right here in some changes and additions I make to this blog.
Some will show up right here in the changes and reorganizations I make to this office.
It was a fabulous, energizing experience. Flu aside, I am very glad I went, and looking forward to next year's conference. Hopefully I will present at that one.
To read more about it, check out my personal blog HERE

See you at the BBQ :)
Chris Davis
Director of First Impressions
(how do you like me so far?)
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