Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Display Catches Attention

Photograph courtesy of Nigel Whittington, bylaw officer
Locals may have noticed a bright yellow Model T Ford around Pincher Creek lately. Ray Degen has been test-driving his restored 1927 Ford Model T through town and catching a lot of attention, even from the town's constabulary. He was pulled over for a photo opportunity by the bylaw officers on Thursday (see above photo.) For your own photo opportunities (though touching the automobile is not allowed), or just to check the "Tin Lizzie" out, come by Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village's entrance building on Bev McLachlin Drive where the automobile is on loan for part of the summer.

When Mr. Degen isn't busy with it the vehicle will be either at Kootenai Brown or Heritage Acres. During the Heritage Acres 22nd Annual Show July 31-August 2, the vehicle and others like it will be specially featured. For more information on the show check out their website, and click on "Events" in the left sidebar.

Mr. Degen bought the Model T six or seven years ago at an antique vehicle swap meet and has been restoring it ever since, with help from Jacques Daignault on the body work and paint job. Both men are members of the Heritage Acres volunteer group that keep that museum's exhibits looking great. Their hard work has definitely paid off on this particular project and made for an awesome exhibit so feel free down to come and check it out.