Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thank You

Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village celebrated the Spring Festival in fine style this year by featuring Sugar Shack.

The tapping of the maple trees, done in the spring when the sap starts to run, creating a chain of work to have sugar throughout the year.   We even had a sugaring off, a highlight of this spring event since trees have first been tapped, and we cooked down sap to syrup.  As the weather chose to be very favorable for outside play, we were lacking the snow, and had to turn to modern refrigeration for the ice blocks made the boiling syrup into a taffy treat.

Seniors to toddlers, everyone that I talked to had a great time.  Even technical difficulties were met with ingenuity and good humor. People enjoyed the meal,  the music, the atmosphere.  It was truly a time where all age groups got together and celebrated, just as it has been since the early in Canadian history.

Music was a combination of traditional and original, English and French.  We got to see three talented artists on stage together, and preforming solo.
Afterward, the open mic after the show allowed people local and and from across Canada to join up on stage and show their skills. This added to the feel of a traditional gathering.

Children got a songwriting workshop with Danielle French,  Maple taffy treats, story telling, tag, and other games.  There was a lot of laughter both in and outside.

Special thanks to Treasury Branch, and AAME for their financial contributions, Pincher Creeks very own Co-op and Sobeys for donating towards the brunch, and a special thanks to the Katimavik participants that both volunteered and attended.

Thanks to you, the people who came out to this event and made it fun for everyone.