Monday, June 28, 2010

The Farley Long Journey

photos: Chris Davis

The weather on Sunday was perfect for the bikeathon to Beauvais Lake and back.

Our thanks to our Riders

Dave Glass
Justin Davis
Rylee Bruce
Laurie Glen
John Taylor
Caelan Taylor
Judy Lee
Joe Stockinger
Patty Degan
Nigel Whittington
Robert Everett

And of course our own Farley Wuth

A big thank you to all those who supported this ride all the way to the end of the journey.
Heidi Eijgel gave a wonderful nature talk at Beauvais Lake while the riders rested for the trip back to Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village.
The Bloomin Inn provided the BBQ at the end of the journey.

Our sponsors also deserve a big thank you:
Bloomin Inn
Pincher Creek Ford
Fountain Tire

Great Job everyone!

The money raised will contribute to our brand new Transportation Exhibit, including “Balanced on Two Wheels”, featuring a wide assortment of rare and antique bicycles.  Other parts of the Transportation Exhibit include our new Sicilian donkeys, Leon and Violet, as well as Ray Degan’s antique cars.