Thursday, October 7, 2010

Harvest Festival Contests

Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village was inundated with scarecrows for the Harvest Fest! We had over one hundred entries for the scarecrow coloring contest, and several for the Build a Scarecrow Contest. We truly got to see the artistic flair of many of our young citizens. You can see the great efforts here. It was impossible to chose the "Best" so we went with "Favorites".

Remember, even if you did not win a prize everyone did a great job.

We are truly appreciative to the fine management and staff at 7-11 who donated prizes for both of these contests. I am sure that all the people who received prizes appreciated them as well!

Make a Scarecrow Contest Winners
The Hoffman Family
Mekiah Vollmin
Payton Burnham
Laura Parisis

Scarecrow Coloring Contest Favorites
Shaylee Fitzpatrick
Cole Davis
Payton Pharis

Grade 1
Laura Parisis
Sofia Citrigno
Jaylene Giesbrecht

Grade 2
Mathius Lynch Staunton
Alyssa Dolman

Grade 3
Ellie Kate Stauffer
Braden Scotton
Gia Esperanza

Grade 4
Seraiah Vanderplas
Jaslyn Robertson
Abigale Smith

Grade 5
Natalie Krizan

Grade 6
Sammi Sloan
Kaitlin Hoffman