Friday, March 4, 2011

What is Happening at the Village?

Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village is forward thinking and dynamic for a home town museum.  We have many projects on the go, designed to make this a better facility for tourists, and the people in the community that we serve.  Over the last several years, we have upgraded, painted, planned, polished, planted, cleaned and upgraded.  We have updated the original museum building, creating a false front that pays tribute to many of the buildings that were on Main Street Pincher Creek, both before and after the 1913 fire ravished our community. We have taken over the old trailer park and transformed it into a gorgeous community garden, tree nursery and outdoor learning center for ecological seminars. There is a learning center indoors, as well as the Fishburn School for the authentic experience for educational tours. The addition of the Farmers’ Market on Fridays and the animals seasonally have also been a huge success.

This upcoming year will see even more change and innovation.  We will be bringing in three unique  buildings that will be honouring pioneer families of Cyr, and Gietz. These major projects will expand our grounds for new exhibits. 

In 2011 we will be opening two new major exhibits, The Grand Opening of the Transportation Display will be during our Canada Day Celebrations, featuring two cars that are here under the graces of local resident and Director, Ray Degan.  His Model A and Model T Fords will be joining a special car from The Eddy Family, a permanent exhibit that will be showing off with local car clubs and dealerships and interested owners that will be showing for the day.

The Grand opening of The General Store will be June 10th, coinciding with the opening of Prairie ‘n Peaks, a 10 day quilt festival that is in cooperation with various businesses in both the Crowsnest Pass and Pincher Creek, as this quilt festival will be held in both communities. Crowsnest Museum, Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village, The Cozy Corner, Bloomin’ Inn and Country Encounters, Shaggy Dog have been working tirelessly to create a fantastic festival that textile enthusiasts will love to be at.  ATB, The Polish Center, the Crowsnest Seniors Center  have played part by being venues, organizers, and major sponsors in this event. 

Our annual events such as the Canada Day, (July 1), Community Garden Bus Tour, ( July 23), Antiques on The Creek (July 30-Aug 1) and Harvest Festival have all been well appreciated in the past, and will continue this year. Something new this year is the Graveyard Tour that will happen in July.  Held from 10pm-12am during the night of the full moon, this will bring chills to those looking for a bit of adventure with a twist of history.

Less visible, but even more importantly, we have had people working feverishly cataloguing and doing research.  We will be upgrading to an entirely new cataloguing system that will help to modernize our facility.  This will be a steep learning curve, but will be worthwhile because it will make the system an integrated and user-friendly system.  Once it is in place and fully integrated it will make it easier for museum staff to help the public with research requests.  Farley Wuth, our Curator has been working on “Prairie Grass to Mountain Pass” updating the book that was originally published in 1974, and expanding it to include to the 1940s.  It is now in the editing phase.  Get ready to enjoy a good book, or in this case 2, as this research has expanded it to a two volume edition.

We have served the community of Pincher Creek since 1966, and are always striving for better ways to make this a better place for all who visit.