Friday, April 29, 2011

KBPV at the Pincher Creek Co-op AGM

Pincher Creek and District Historical Society President Colleen Cyr was at the Pincher Creek Co-op Annual General Meeting with KBPV Curator Farley S. Wuth.  The vibrant duo were explaining an upcoming project at the museum that will see the east entrance of the Beere Hall transformed into a representation of the Co-op's long history in this community, in three dimension facade.  Three years ago we accomplished a similar feat with the west facade.  This, along with other big projects in the works, including moving three historical structures onto the grounds this year, will greatly add to the "village" atmosphere of our museum.
Families can be immortalized for posterity by investing in this display by sponsoring cream cans, milk bottles or burlap sacks emblazoned with their name. We will be selling advertising space in the newly expanded village, including having companies pay for the privilege of having their logos on these items that can be either brought in or purchased for this display through the museum.   We felt this would be a nice way to integrate sponsorship into our displays, very visible but not distracting from the atmosphere we are creating.

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