Monday, September 12, 2011

Volunteers needed for Pincher Creek historical project

The Town of Pincher Creek is looking for volunteers that are interested in the heritage of our community

Phillip's House, Pincher Creek
C. Davis photo
The Town of Pincher Creek and the Pincher Creek and District Historical Society (PCDHS) are undertaking a survey of pre-1950’s buildings in the community. The architecture, condition and history of over 300 buildings will to be recorded on site survey forms along with current photographs. Volunteers will work in teams and visit assigned locations. This project is to be completed over the next year.

This project, called “Creating a Future for Alberta’s Historic Places”, needs people who are willing to put in some time towards creating a record for posterity of early Pincher Creek. This project is flexible and can accomodate the volunteer's schedule.
Training that covers how to complete forms and determine the architectural styles, type of windows, foundations, roof structures, etc. will be provided free of charge. All materials necessary will be provided.

Volunteer Requirements:
•   To have an interest in construction/ architecture/building styles
and local history.
•   To be well organized and able to work with public and fellow volunteers.
•   May be a resident of Town or local area and able to give a few hours
per week or month.

Over the winter months the project needs researchers and data entry volunteers.

If you would like more information or to fill in a Volunteer Application Form, contact the Recreation Office at 895 Main Street (Swimming Pool) or phone 403-627-4322.

the deadline to apply is September 23, 2011.