Thursday, October 13, 2011

Allred family visits KBPV

Allred family visits Kootenai Brown's cabin
T. Lucas photo

The Allred Family recently dropped in to see something that they donated to the Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village many years ago.  Kootenai Brown's Cabin was on their land, and rather than tear it down, they donated it to the museum in the 1970s.
Jim and Lauretta lived with their parents next door to Kootenai Brown and Kootenai Brown used to rock Lauretta’s brother to sleep when he was a baby.

Pictured here, September 2011:
Sidney Carothers, Lauretta (Allred) Kenly, Sheila (Kenly) Carothers, Reva Allred Kenly,  Lauretta Allred and Marvin D. Kenly