Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shaw visits Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village

Toni Lucas, Pincher Creek Voice/KBPV

Lyn Ens of Shaw TV at Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village
Toni Lucas photo

Shaw Television paid a visit to the grounds of Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village (KBPV) of Pincher Creek Alberta Saturday, December 10, 2012. Staff, directors and volunteers were all on hand to discuss various different points of interest about the village.

Fran Cyr flooding KBPV rink
T. Lucas photo
Museum to hold outdoor curling event

Fran Cyr talked about the ice rink that he was flooding.  This year, in addition to having skating parties and access to the rink during our regular hours of operation, there will be a Turkey Shoot for curling early in the new year.  Both regulation rocks and the home-made rock that was used in some of the earliest games of curling in Pincher Creek will be thrown during this event.  This rock has been traditionally displayed at the Pincher Creek Curling Rink and is property of Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village.  Made by an innovative pioneer and avid curler, it is literally a fieldstone that has had a handle attached to it.  This event will be for the benefit of both the curling club and KBPV.  It will also give an exotic twist to those that have never had the opportunity to curl outside.  Tracy Glen spoke of the upcoming Christmas Market that will be held the evening of Friday, December 23rd, talking of the various vendors that will be showing their wares.  The gift shop and the hours that the village is open to the public were brought up.  Ray Degan told of the transportation display, and Pauline Breeze talked about the general store area and her duties as cataloguer.

Shaw Television does this as a public service for their watchers.  Those that subscribe to Shaw have a channel that shows local and community stories, Channel 12 in Pincher Creek.  Videographer Lyn Ens acts as their roving reporter covering  a large portion of southwestern Alberta.  Travelling to the communities of Pincher Creek, Crowsnest Pass, Taber, Claresholm, and Cardston, Ens helps promote not-for-profit events and community news free of charge.

Ens is well acquainted with camera work, having worked in that field with Shaw for 12 years. Ens did take a hiatus for a year to pursue other interests.  At the end of the year, he chose to return to Lethbridge, and Shaw.  "I love doing this too much.  I couldn't leave it."   When asked what it was that Shaw looked for he answered that  "We look for interesting stories for the public."   He stated that it is best when it makes good television, with both a strong dialogue and good visual imagery to make a story.   If you would like Shaw to consider doing a story to promote your event, and you represent a not-for-profit you can contact Ens at 403-380-7371 or email  Ens has covered Kootenai Brown a number of times over the years and expressed that it is one of his personal favourite places to do a story on.  "It is a favourite of mine and co-workers because of of the enthusiasm of everyone who is involved."

Lyn Ens of Shaw TV filming at KBPV
T. Lucas photo