Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kootenai Brown to Create Co-op Exhibit

Pincher Creek Co-op to be highlighted in new museum exhibit
Colleen Cyr, Co-op AGM

Pincher Creek and District Historical Society President Colleen Cyr again appeared before the membership, as she did last year, to tout the new permanent exhibit being created at Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village, which will celebrate pioneer businesses in the community, including the Co-op.  Part of the exhibit will include antique milk cans, bottles, and burlap sacks which can be emblazoned with the logo of businesses that contribute to the construction of the exhibit.  "What I had talked about last year is that the Co-op over the 90 year history of it being in Pincher Creek was in five different buildings, all of which are burned down now," Cyr said, "but we have pictures of everything,  so what we're proposing to do is, we're going to build  3-D facades of all five Co-op buildings on the east end of the Beere Hall, in the middle of Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village.  On the west side we did facades of the commercial business district of 1900 to 1950...of about six different stores."

"We need to raise a bit of cash to do this," Cyr continued.  "I've talked to the Co-op about putting a few dollars into this, but we wanted the community to get involved as well.  In the window of the creamery... we're wanting to put cream cans from the families that still might have their cream cans at home, with your name  on it, and we have the opportunity to put your cream can in the window of the creamery, where it will stay forever.  If you've got your cream can with your name on it, it's $250 to donate it.  If you'd like to be part of the project and you don't have a cream can $250 we have some cream cans that we can make available for to you for $50 (extra).  The really neat thing about this is, Arnie Thompson is still here, and he's the one who wrote everybody's name on their cream cans for years and years at the Co-op, and he is going to put the names on the cream cans again."  Cyr said the burlap feed sacks with people's name or business name on them would also be available for $100, to be part of the loading dock display of the lumber-yard portion of the exhibit.

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