Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What is Happening at the Village?

Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village is forward thinking and dynamic for a home town museum.  We have many projects on the go, designed to make this a better facility for tourists, and the people in the community that we serve.  Over the last several years, we have upgraded, painted, planned, polished, planted, cleaned, and expanded.  We have updated the original museum building, creating a false front that pays tribute to many of the buildings that were on Main Street Pincher Creek, and refinished the exterior of Pioneer Place, the entrance to the grounds.  We have taken over the old trailer park and transformed it into a gorgeous community garden, tree nursery and outdoor learning center for ecological seminars. There is a learning center indoors, as well as the Fishburn School for the authentic experience for educational tours and programs. The addition of the Farmers’ Market on Fridays and the animals seasonally have also been a huge success.

This upcoming year will see even more change and innovation.  We will be bringing in four unique buildings that used to reside on Main Street.  One of these buildings will be the original Union Bank dating to 1899 in Pincher Creek.  Imagine a world when your bank could be made of wood.  These historic structures will greatly add to the "village" atmosphere of our museum and incorporate the use of the entrance off of James Avenue.  

We are moving forward with the development of our 1920s display that will be housed in the Cyr house, brought in last year. An upcoming project at the museum that will see the east entrance of the Beere Hall transformed into a representation of the Co-op's long history in this community, in three dimension facade.  Four years ago we accomplished a similar feat with the west facade.  

We will be selling advertising space in the newly expanded village, including having companies pay for the privilege of having their logos painted on milk bottles or burlap sacks.  We felt this would be a nice way to integrate sponsorship into our displays, very visible but not distracting from the atmosphere we are creating.

Less visible, but even more important, we have had people working feverishly cataloguing and doing research and projects.  You can join in our Work Day Wednesday Program simply by coming in on a Wednesday and offering to volunteer.  It really is that simple.  

Curator Farley Wuth will be unveiling the long awaited “Prairie Grass to Mountain Pass” updating the book that was originally published in 1974.  There is to be a wine and cheese book release July 11 to celebrate this grand event.  We will be auctioning off the first book out of the box to a hopeful and excited history buff.

Our many events this season include the Queens Jubilee Tea, Canada Day, Fibre Arts Week, Community and Garden Bus Tour,  Prohibition Gala, and Harvest Fest. Remember to visit us every Friday between June 8 and October 19 between the hours of 11am to 2pm for our Pioneer Market.

We have served the community of Pincher Creek since 1966, and are always striving for better ways to make this a better place for all who visit.