Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kootenai Brown has a Whippet!

1929 Willy’s Knight Whippet

 This particular car was purchased new by the Grandfather of the present owner in 1929.

Sadly this beautiful car was mostly buried in the Red Deer River flood approximately 20 years ago. It was then cleaned up and returned to Lethbridge to the original owners’ family. It was restored shortly after to its present condition.

It is completely road worthy and will be toured around Pincher Creek occasionally and will be in the Pincher Creek Parade in August 2013.

It is not confirmed, but it is thought to be the only one of its type in Canada due to the fact that has a six cylinder flat-head engine. Other known Whippets have only four cylinder flat-head engines. These cars were only built for three years in north America: 1927, 1928, & 1929.

Come on visit the Pioneer Village and see the Whippet in the Transportation Exhibit.