Friday, April 26, 2013

Pioneer Pond

Its in!
Philip Fandrick from Shac Environmental Products Inc. was at Kootenai Brown today to treat Pioneer Pond with their amazing product Ponder. Ponder assists in the breakdown of organic matter by stimulating the various resident microbial communities present in water bodies. What this means is that Ponder cleans up the pond, rids it of organic sediment which causes extra algae growth.
Over the past 3 years the pond has had an algae problem. When we spoke to Philip he assured us that Ponder would fix it up and return it to its former glory! Ponder is completely safe for all plants, bugs, fish and any other critters that call the pond home.

Philip getting Ponder ready for application.

Shac Environmental Products Inc. has donated this product to the Village! What a great and generous gift! If you would like to see what Ponder does, please come to Kootenai Brown and check out Pioneer Pond! Or go to their website: Brochures for Ponder and their product Shactivate Septic Digester are available at Pioneer Place.
Pioneer Pond in 2009 - lovely and will be again.