Geneology Club

Our Genealogy Club meets the last Monday of every month at 7 p.m. Researchers are welcome to come in on an appointment basis during the week. An annual fee of only 35 dollars gets you access to all of these helpful resources plus We also have the opportunities to go on out-of-town pay-on-your-own field trips to other archives, museums and libraries where we can access additional genealogies.

We have a very active Genealogy Club at the Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village where we work together as we dig into those family histories. Our archives contains virtually countless written and visual records of early genealogies from the Pincher Creek area including newspaper chronologies as long as a century ago, school registers, municipal tax ledgers, a variety of homestead accounts, long ago photos from town and rural districts and published works. Online sources feature census records, genealogical programs and written documents from further afield.

Join us in the exciting world of discovering your past! Here at the Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village, visitors have the opportunity to step back into history and “relive” aspects of our exciting pioneer history. This is particularly intriguing for people interested in family histories. Have you ever wondered what frontier stories are just bursting to be told from your genealogies? Imagine the intriguing chronicles of your great-grandparents as they trekked out across the Canadian or American Prairies or eked out a living in a European city fanned by the industrial revolution. What type of agricultural endeavours or trade were your ancestors active in? What were their cultural backgrounds and what traditions or stories have been passed down from one generation to the next? Were they active in the community, church affairs or political endeavours?

Delving into the past can unearth all sorts of intriguing tales of days gone by. Unearthing one’s history literally can be like opening an old treasure chest bursting at the seams with dusty black and white photographs, aged handwritten parchments, painstakingly sewn garments and handicrafts, homemade tools and other priceless relics from days gone by. Piecing together those historical fragments can offer the research historical tapestries of where their families came from and how we are shaped by the past.

For more information or for research assistance, please give our cataloger Pauline Breeze or our Curator Farley Wuth us a call at (403) 627-3684 or drop by to see us at the Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village at 1037 Bev McLachlin Drive in Pincher Creek! The contact email is We look forward to working with you on your genealogies!