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1037 Bev McLachlin Dr,

PO Box 1226
Pincher Creek, AB

T0K 1W0

Ph: (403) 627-3684   

Fx: (403) 627-5850

Southern Alberta Museum Association Symposium

Museum Week in Pincher Creek

Hosted by Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village

Week of February 11-16, 2018


Hello from Pincher Creek, and from Kootenai Brown!

As museum people, we understand that education never stops.  The slow winter months of Alberta offer us a chance to learn as well-from experience and from each other. That’s what “Museum Week in Pincher Creek” is all about­­: a chance to network, to promote our sites, and to engage with experts about the challenges we all face as museum professionals.

We have an exciting slate of speakers, experts and old museum hands to aid us in our journey of self-education, and reaffirm our dedication to presenting our stories to the visiting public, and help us overcome some of the challenges we all face.

There will, of course, be many opportunities for fellowship and networking, amid the wide-open spaces of our 6-acre site.

Conference Fee Includes: All Sessions, Daily Coffee Service, All Meals and Evening Programs. Optional Rates, see below.


Registrant Name: ______________________________________________________________

Representing: _________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________


Postal Code: _________________________    email:__________________________________


FULL WEEK: Number Attending ____ X $275.00       =                      $___________

SINGLE DAY RATE: Number Attending ____ X $100.00       =           $__________
Day(s) Attending: ________________________________________________________________

SHARED REGISTRY:            ____ X $275.00    =                                    $___________

(For institutions attending optional days, sharing a SINGLE registry among staff or volunteers)  

INSTITUTION: _________________________________________________________________

TOTAL =                                                                                                    $___________

Payment can be made in advance by Cash, Cheque, Visa/MasterCard, Debit at the Village, Mon-Fri. 10 am-4:30 pm; By phone order by credit card (same hours apply); On Day of Registration, or Symposium Day 1.

Phone: (403) 627-3684                   Fax: (403) 627-5850                E-mail:

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