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Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village was established in 1966, and was intended to preserve the area's vibrant pioneer heritage.  Over the years, the efforts of countless volunteers and employees has seen the museum grow to include 31 buildings and more than 30,000 artifacts. 

Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village is an outdoor heritage facility, with an open concept style layout.  The open concept and self-guided tours mean you are free to wander through six acres of beautiful gardens, including a large community garden area at your own pace. 

The majority of the buildings in the Village are authentic, restored, and furnished with period furniture.  Artifacts and everyday tools used by the owners and inhabitants of that time are displayed in each building. 

Front view of Pioneer Place - Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village

Do you have history to share?

Farley Wuth is our knowledgeable Curator/Author/Encyclopedia of local events, families, and customs.

We are always interested in adding to our collections, and in recording the rich history of Pincher Creek and area.  If you and your family have historic connections to the area and have artifacts such as old photographs or memories to share with us, please let us know. Historic items are accepted on a donation basis according to our collections policy. The Pincher Creek & District Historical Society endeavours to keep at least eighty percent of our artifact collections on exhibit at all times.

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