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Education Programs » A Trip Into History On a Path to the Future

Our Village and Our Educational Mission

    In this outdoor heritage facility, history is accessible. Students interact with well-furnished historic buildings–and learn to respect and appreciate artifacts and heritage preservation.

    We invite students to immerse in the life of a pioneer child, a fur trader, an archaeologist, a Mountie, or anything the imagination can suggest.

    Our education program engages students in active inquiry and encourages critical and creative thinking.  Students step back in time and gain a sense of belonging in their community. 

   Our programs are curriculum based to meet your students’ learning styles and interests. We assist you in tailoring a detailed schedule specific to lesson needs.

    In the Fishburn School, your class can learn in a one-room atmosphere. In the Hudson’s Bay Store, learn how the Fur Trade created Canada. The role of Pioneer women and Frontiersmen come alive in the many conserved cabins, houses, and reconstructions.

Activities and Amenities

​We balance our delivery with hands-on heritage activities: candle dipping, creating pictographs, braiding, journal making, “calf branding,” tin punched lantern, bannock over the fire, pincushion quilting, or making a simple wooden craft.  Make homemade ice cream, play with stilts, create an autograph book, learn Métis dancing... There are so many options, and too many to list!

Contact our Education Coordinator for a complete offering of Activity centres.

Please note that as of 2020, many craft activities are limited due to pandemic conditions.

Download the Ed Program Pamphlet

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