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One of the hidden treasures of the Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village is its historical archives.  Housed in the rustic log building of Pioneer Place, our extensive holdings highlight the frontier history of the Pincher Creek area.  Here are told in written & visual form highly memorable tales of the early pioneers closely associated with the region’s Northwest Mounted Police, agricultural, commercial, educational, and religious history.  Whether you are interested in the genealogy of a specific family, perhaps even your own, the development of a thematic history, or the chronicles of a rural settlement, you may be able to find some historical documentation of it in our archives.

People will find a great variety in the types of archival materials housed here.  Published sources include a vast array of Canadian & local history books & journals, newspaper clippings, and a coveted set of most of the back issues of the Pincher Creek Echo.  A manuscript section houses recollections & accounts of our early pioneers, documentation of some of the early businesses & associations in the community, and research notes made by local historians.  Our government records collections encompass old school & municipal records.  Within our photographic holdings are housed virtually countless old images from days gone by.  We also have some map & audio-visual holdings.

Please contact us if you have any historic documentation from the Pincher Creek area which you would like to donate to our Historical Society.  We look forward to your visit.

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