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"brick by brick"

      In October of 2022 , Dylan Yanke found a “Fire Truck for sale” near Sundre, AB.

A 1967 Dodge D600 that he felt he has seen before, on the door of the truck it read

“Pincher Creek Fire Dept” and he remembered where he had seen it before, on a picture that was hanging on the wall behind his desk at the Pincher Creek Fire Hall where he worked. Immediately he contacted Will Thorpe with a message saying, “we have to buy it.” Will was able to stop and look at it and reported back that  it was in as good of condition  as the pictures showed. Lynn Roberts was also brought into the group as the “senior advisor”  and to help split the bill between three members instead of two. A deal was finalized, and the truck was picked up in January of 2023. It needed some work of course, and after completing repairs by the group the truck was operational. The history of the truck was quickly discovered after looking through archived pictures at the Fire Hall and talking to past and current members. The truck was originally purchased by the Town of Pincher Creek Fire Department new in 1967, after its time in Pincher Creek it was sold to the Cowley Fire Department. It was retired from service in Cowley and was sold to a local resident. The truck was sold again to its previous owner from Sundre before being bought by the group and brought  back home. It was then decided it needed to be displayed somewhere so, it could be seen and  appreciated by others. The group decided to approach the Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village in the town of Pincher Creek and offered to donate the truck.


      Naturally, the Pincher Creek & District Historical Society was pleased to consider this opportunity and would be proud to assist Engine Company #1 to display an important piece of the community's municipal history. This interlocked with a Museum ambition that would repurpose an existing building and a means to develop a completely new permanent exhibit that would highlight the evolution of Firefighting, Paramedicine and First Responders in Pincher Creek and south-western Alberta. The Dodge pumper will join an original horse-drawn ladder truck and hose reel, and other uniforms, tools, and artifacts to tell the story of our vital emergency services.


Donation Opportunities!

Are you interested in making a huge difference in our plans to build Firehall #1? Consider making a more substantial donation of $250 to our "Bring It Home" evening in August. We are asking for this donation to assist us with covering all expenses for our concert. You will be issued a tax receipt and two tickets to the concert in appreciation of your donation.

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